Coronavirus (COVID-19) References & Resources

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Words of encouragement to all who come across this article ...

And this too shall pass! We have survived Y2K, 9-11, swine flu, mad cow disease and the recession to name a few.

 We are all leaders in many ways: of our home, children, clients, team, place of work, community, business, & family... We can chose how we respond to this crisis so choose to be the voice of reason and a ray of sunshine.  This is a scary time and I encourage you to continue to be the leaders you are.

Here are some resourceful links to help you, a family member or a friend navigate these unchartered waters.


How to Protect yourself & If you think your sick 

Sign up for email or Text updates on Coronavirus (Sacramento)

Health Topics on Coronavirus

Wage Replacement in event of reduced working hours


Control what you can, which is your attitude, effort and energy.  Stay calm in a sea of chaos and present multiple solutions, perspectives and points of view.  Just like during the recession, others may continue to panic, be stressed, worry and you can help them in re-directing the anxiousness of just one person.

 This is a great time to do any of the following:

Increase self-care to stay healthy and positive; lean into podcasts and books for inspiration

Plug into positive and uplifting material

Practice gratitude to offset fear

Stay Healthy and practice "Social Distancing"

Call a Senior and offer to help with bringing them a meal or go to store for them.


Are you sick or have you be quarantined? If you are unable to work due to having or being exposed to COVID-19 The link below is a direct resource of information on filing an unemployment insurance claim.